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#1 31/08/2014 19:42:08

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Re : Rencontre Pat Cash / Adrian Smith

Vous aviez surement noté que dans les crédits de certains albums de Maiden, ils remerciaient Pat Cash (joueur de tennis australien). Voici le détail de la rencontre Pat Cash / Adrian Smith.

Adrian smith a écrit :

I first met Pat about 15 years ago in a pub in Sydney when Iron Maiden was on a world tour. I hadn't heard of him as a tennis player then. He was only in his late teens, a promising junior who'd just started competing on the senior circuit. Nevertheless, I was impressed. To me, anyone with an Australian accent wielding a tennis racket is cool. He came along to meet us with some other young tennis players - a little shy, very tall. I tried to be nice to all the kids that hung around us because we saw ourselves as being a guys' band.

Adrian smith a écrit :

But it wasn't until I moved back to London a few years later that I really got to know him. I was living in Fulham with my wife, expecting our first child. I was pulling out of my drive one day and this man walked out in front of my car, limping. I ground to a halt and glared at him. He looked indignant. It was Pat, changed and grown up. And it turned out he was living round the corner!

Adrian smith a écrit :

Pat used to take me to Wimbledon while he was still competing, and it was great to watch him play.

Pat Cash a écrit :

We first met way back in October '82. Iron Maiden was touring the world, promoting their latest album. I was in Sydney playing a big indoor tournament. I was just starting to do well on the circuit, competing alongside guys like McEnroe and Connors. Through a local radio station I heard Iron Maiden was performing and I just had to go along. At 18 I was a huge fan of British heavy metal, so I snuck a little tape recorder into the pocket of my leather jacket, to tape the concert for posterity.

Pat Cash a écrit :

After the concert, I managed to go backstage along with my mates to meet my idols. Like any other kid I was interested in who designed the album sleeves and what their future plans were. It transpired that both Steve Harris, the bass player, and Adrian were tennis enthusiasts who played a lot in their spare time, and that broke the ice. We got on pretty well considering they were seasoned rock stars in their mid 20s. We met again in Melbourne where they were performing and I was in a tournament. I saw three concerts in a row that time and my ears were still ringing seven days later.

Pat Cash a écrit :

We come together quite often as families for barbecues. Our children love each other and get on really well. We both have a set of twins. Adrian has daughters, I have sons. And our wives are good friends; on the phone to each other all the time, organising charity rock concerts together.

source et le reste l'histoire :  http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/how-we-met-adrian-smith-and…

Pour les non-anglophones et très très rapidement. Pat Cash était fan de Heavy Metal quand il n'avait encore que 18 ans. A l'époque il né'tait qu'un junior qui débutait sur le circuit pro. Et il est allé voir voir Iron Maiden lors d'un concert Australien et a réussi à  les rencontrer après le concert.

Bien plus tard, Adrian a littéralement failli renverser Pat en Angleterre, il s'est avéré qu'il habitait pratiquement au même coin de rue.

Depuis, ils sont amis, leurs femme également et leurs enfants (deux paires de jumeaux / jumelles) s'entendent aussi à  merveille.

Pas étonnant qu'on voit un bout de match de Tennis Pat Cash / Adrian et sa femme sur un bonus DVD de Maiden.

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