Rock In Rio

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Rock In Rio

Rock In Rio

25 Mars 2002
Produit par Kevin Shirley
Co-produit par Steve Harris
Meilleur classement Top Albums France : N°25

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CD 1

  1. Intro: Arthur’s Farewell
  2. The Wicker Man (Smith/Harris/Dickinson)
  3. Ghost Of The Navigator (Gers/Dickinson/Harris)
  4. Brave New World (Murray/Harris/Dickinson)
  5. Wrathchild (Harris)
  6. 2 Minutes to Midnight (Smith/Dickinson)
  7. Blood Brothers (Harris)
  8. Sign Of The Cross (Harris)
  9. The Mercenary (Gers/Harris)
  10. The Trooper (Harris)

CD 2

  1. Dream Of Mirrors (Gers/Harris)
  2. The Clansman (Harris)
  3. The Evil That Men Do (Smith/Dickinson/Harris)
  4. Fear Of The Dark (Harris)
  5. Iron Maiden (Harris)
  6. The Number Of The Beast (Harris)
  7. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Harris)
  8. Sanctuary (Harris/Di’Anno/Murray)
  9. Run To The Hills (Harris)

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