Best of the B’Sides

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Best of the B'Sides

Best of the B’Sides

4 Novembre 2002

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CD 1

  1. Drifter (live) (Harris)
  2. Invasion (Harris)
  3. Remember Tomorrow (live) (Harris/Di’Anno)
  4. I’ve Got The Fire (Montrose)
  5. Cross-Eyed Mary (Anderson)
  6. Rainbow’s Gold (Slesser/Mountain)
  7. King Of Twilight (Nektar)
  8. Reach Out (Colwell)
  9. That Girl (Barnett/Goldsworth/Jupp)
  10. Juanita (Barnacle/O’Neil)
  11. Sheriff Of Huddersfield (Iron Maiden)
  12. Black Bart Blues (Harris/Dickinson)
  13. Prowler ’88 (Harris)
  14. Charlotte The Harlot ’88 (Murray)

CD 2

  1. All In Your Mind (Bromham)
  2. Kill Me Ce Soir (Koymans/Hay/Fenton)
  3. I’m A Mover (Fraser/Rodgers)
  4. Communication Breakdown (Page/Jones/Bonham)
  5. Nodding Donkey Blues (Dickinson/Harris/Murray/McBrain/Gers)
  6. Space Station No. 5 (Montrose/Hagar)
  7. I Can’t See My Feelings (Shelley/Bourge)
  8. Roll Over Vic Vella (Berry)
  9. Justice of the Peace (Murray/Harris)
  10. Judgement Day (Bayley/Gers)
  11. My Generation (Townshend)
  12. Doctor Doctor (Schenker/Mogg)
  13. Blood On The World’s Hands (live) (Harris)
  14. The Aftermath (live) (Harris/Bayley/Gers)
  15. Futureal (live) (Harris/Bayley)
  16. Wasted Years (live) (Smith)

Cet album se trouve dans le coffret collector Eddie’s Archives qui comporte également les albums Beast Over Hammersmith et BBC Archives.